Giveaway Manager!

So for my sins I became a Giveaway Manager of with effect of the February 2019 Giveaway. Reason why I became a Giveaway Manager was to see whether I could find a way to streamline the administration of the Giveaway Process so the load on the VPS Manager would become less. Previous Giveaway Managers, although technically well qualified, found difficulty to manage the load.

Must say it’s a great pleasure to work with the owner of, whom I already admired before I took on the position. I got to know Dynamo as HMR at as a contributor of substance. I’m totally in admiration of his specialist skills with the myBB Forum. Particularly with coding plugins. He is also a highly qualified Administrator, and I felt myself fortunate to start with a system that was already in great shape. It was effortless to learn how everything worked as there was a logic to every aspect of the process. Hopefully I’ll be able to do justice to what is already an excellent project.

Post4vps presently has a collection of 15 VPS plans that are contributed by sponsors who wish to promote their hosting businesses. Here is a link to all of the plans that are available:

Post4VPS VPS Plans

For a comparison of the plans you can check post4vps’s comparison page:

Post4VPS Comparison of VPS Plans

There is a Giveaway on 1st of every month where active members of the post3vps forum can request a VPS.  They need 20 posts with a minimum of 100 $ credits in order to compete, and also has to have a zero status for warnings.  The ones with the higher credit scores can apply for the better VPSs for which they have a better chance to win.  However for VPS 9, because of its huge size, judging is on a needs basis in addition to credit scores.  Members have to justify why they need to have a very large VPS.

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