Feels very sad, particularly because I think it is so unnecessary, but it’s probably time to say goodbye to  I had a wonderful experience with this Forum from February 2016 when I joined up to the point when Chris and Hidden Refuge retired – one year on.  For me everything went down after that point, almost like in a Kafka Thriller, where I could see exactly what was going to happen, but was powerless to stop it.

The new Giveaway Manager who started around August 2017 had barely started when our first and successive Giveaways after that were no longer on time.  We had to hear one excuse after the other why he was unable to deliver on time, and why he couldn’t readily assist those who needed support for their VPSs.  I had known that he didn’t have the technical VPS maturity and experience for the position, however had hoped that he would have compensated with extra time to get on speed as soon as possible, but none of that.  Worse part was that the staff surrounding him both failed to come to his assistance as well as protected his inability and failure to deliver on time.  For me there wasn’t a single redeeming feature during his reign as Admin and Giveaway Manager other than a very nice personality and, if he put his mind to it, a well worded announcement.

Another big factor that probably featured even higher was I was unable to find threads to post to.  I tried my very best to start new ones, but there was a very high standard that was maintained by the staff that sometimes felt quite debilitating to post to. After struggling for a few months like that I lucked out in a big way when the owner of posted its next Giveaway at  I got intrigued – and for lack of posts at – thought to check out post4vps, and found the great atmosphere there much easier and relaxed to post to.  Best part was that there was always something to post to.  I’d tried before, however also battled to get going with posts there too.  Post4vps was refreshingly different, the staff much more welcoming and humble, and  since I’m a Forum post addict, I soon found myself posting at post4vps on a regular basis.

So basically I got lucky in the end in that I had a home away from home before the staff of decided to call it quits.  Typically none of the members had been consulted for their input in the decision.  Not only did it come as a shock, but it was delivered a day before the start of the count down and it was clear that the staff must have known about their decision long before the announcement was posted.

Since the closure of FreeVPS Forum came as a great shock some of the members acted out in the announcement thread and for the first time we had to learn  that one of the main reasons for the closure of the forum had been because members of the staff regarded the membership as toxic.  I was completely shocked and naively so, as I had been unaware of the negative sentiment of the staff vs the membership.   That to me was the saddest thing as was an awesome Forum with a great tradition and deserved to have featured much larger than the staff or their negative sentiment of the membership.  Instead of working with the membership to sort that out, their legacy was to take the easy way out.

Nonetheless I’m very thankful for the period I had been there and particularly the period while Hidden Refuge and Chris had been active members of staff.  I enjoyed posting to their high standards as they contributed high standards of their own in great abundance.

I met many other members at FreeVPS I have a very high regard for including the owners of and as well as  I’m very happy that I’ll still be able to see them at post4vps.  I had a great time with the VPSs I owned during my period at  Hidden Refuge in particular helped me in every way he could as he did with all other members too.  Most of my enthusiasm, and my learning of where to get good VPSs and how to manage them I owe to and to the example of hard work set by Hidden Refuge.  For a very good time inspired and motivated me.  I’m so sorry it had to end.  RIP