Speed test two months on!

Can’t believe how very fast time is passing by.  Possibly because May had been taken up with travelling all of the time and now feels like a blur – black hole of time.  Am glad to be back at a base of a kind and settle back into some of my favourite things including posting in Forums and working with my blogs.

So before I continue thought to check the speed of VPS 9 again, and it looks as impressive as ever.  I thought my VPS was in Phoenix – maybe it still is – but the Speed Test says Las Vegas.  Whatever it is, I think the speed is awesome, given in particular the many hops my ISP has to negotiate to my VPS and back:

This is what it looked like on 14 April when I first received the VPS:

ISP Host is one ping more, but overall upload has been consistent and usually for me the upload always matters more than the download that always looks much larger than it really is.