Post4PS VPS 9 Review

Following is my VPS 9 review that was posted at for the period 14 April to 6 September 2018.
I was completely blown away when I was awarded VPS 9 during Post4VPS’s Giveaway in April.  The VPS was given to me on 14 April 2018.  VPS 9 is a very sought after VPS that comes with an exceptional service record at post4vps.  So when @perryoo11 informed me of this great news I was thrilled to bits.  Thank you to all of the helping hands who made this VPS possible.  They include all of the staff and members of the community who are always very generous in sharing their expertise.I’ve given the VPS a good workout over the almost five months I’ve been the proud owner of it, enough to be able to write this review.
VPS 9 Host
As every one knows, VPS 9 is from VirMach who is one of post4vps’s favourite sponsors. VirMach specializes in high-quality affordable VPSs with locations in all of the main areas of the US and also in Amsterdam and Frankfurt in Europe (refer map below). They offer cheap Linux and Windows VPS plans as well as dedicated servers. As far as I know VPS 9 is one of the most popular VPSs at Post4VPS.  I feel very lucky to have won one.Here is a map of all of the VirMach locations.  My VPS is located in Phoenix.
Specifications of VPS 9
Disk Size: 100 GB SSD
Monthly Traffic: 4 TB
Memory: 8 GBIP Addresses: 1x IPv4 & 3 IPv6
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Location: Phoenix, USA
Control Panel: None
Connection: 1Gbps
Provided by:
Network, Performance & Reliability
When I checked the packages before I applied for VPS 9 the most important consideration for me was the speed with which my ISP in South Africa could respond with the Virmach VPS in its Phoenix location.  I’ve had experiences already of unstable connections of the South African ISP with some of the locations in the US.  As it turned out the speed was below perfect as one can note from the high pings of the speed tests below, but because of the very generous specifications of the VPS as well as speed and reliability of the VirMach overall Network I haven’t had any issues with speed when working with the VPS – to the contrary – the speed and performance of my VPS 9 have been consistently excellent from 14 April when I first took occupation of the VPS to date  I haven’t experienced a single occurrence of down time.  You can read my blog article about speed tests that have been taken of VPS 9 in April and August 2018:
Here is a speed test that was taken on 7 August 2018 from South Africa:

[Image: 7532833913.png]