VPS Reviews

Following are Reviews of VPSs that have been published at post4vps Forum.  So far my favourite VPSs by far have been  from Virmach and HostUS.  HostUS VPS is a very small budget VPS in the cheap category, but very fast.  One of the greatest investments I’ve made in getting a VPS.  VPS 9 of Virmach is enormous in specs, and I would never have had the opportunity to have access to it if it hadn’t been for post4vps sponsorship.  It’s an awesome VPS.

Contabo VPS – March to October 2019

VPS 16 – Hostlease – 27 March 2019

VPS 15 – Hostlease – 20 March 2019

HostUS VPS – January to December 2018

VPS 9 – Virmach – 14 April 2019 to 6 Sept 2018