Bedding includes a quality mattress cover, fitted sheet and loose sheet for a single bed, two duvets, three blankets and four  pillows with matching pillow cases.

One duvet is part of the linen set for the bed and is in reversible light and dark grey colours.  In addition there is a loose duvet that can be used with a cover.

Blankets are in excellent condition and are all grey in colour.  Two are double in size and the third is a throw blanket.

Included also are four quality pillows.  Two pillows are above average quality in 100% latex to mould to head shape and designed for great sleep.  They were purchased in Canada. The other two pillows are from Mr. Price locally and are featherlike, but not duck feathers.  They are equally of durable quality and comfort.  The pillows have seen little use and come with four matching grey pillow cases.