About dhwebs.net

My name is Dean Hills.  I’m an enthusiastic Post4VPS.com VPS holder and as such would like to share my VPS experiences and in particular my participation in VPS post to host forums.  I’ve included some basic information for those who are new to VPSs and need quick information of how to set up and manage a Linux VPS for the first time.

For those who come from a Windows environment a Linux VPS can be daunting to get familiar with, but these days there is so much information available on the Web, one can literally Google one’s way through setting up a VPS.  Learning is fast as Linux has a great logic to it.

This Blog is located on Server 9 of Post4VPS.com.  Installation was fast and seamless as it always is with this VPS.  The VPS doesn’t have a Control Panel but that is OK.  I created my own and hopefully won’t need to re-install the OS any time soon.

Here are the specifications of this great VPS:

Disk Space 100 GB SSD
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Monthly Traffic: 4 TB
Location: Dallas
Connection: 1Gbps
Provided by: VirMach

This is a speed test of my VPS dated 1 April 2020:

To compare and to update this is the speed of my VPS dated 12 May 2021: