African Lion

lion love

Lions are carnivorous mammals that come from the family Felidae. They are geographically distributed in mostly sub-Saharan east and southern Africa, but can also be found in many zoos internationally and in India and some parts of Asia . The animals are breathtaking – they have pride and carry a mysterious aura that draw people to them.

The population of these vulnerable animals has dramatically decreased in the past few decades with no solid reason as to why. It is thought that clashes with humans and habitat loss may be a possibility, but to help further preserve and monitor these creatures, they are usually kept within reserves and parks. Only eight sub species are recognized today and there is a small range of hybrids with lions mating with tigers, jaguars or leopards to create unique creatures.

 Interesting information on lions:

  • The largest lion was recorded to be nearly 700 pounds and nearly 11 foot long.
  • The oldest lion on record was nearly 29 years old.
  • A lion’s eyesight is five times better than a human being.
  • A lion can hear prey from a mile away.
  • Lions can smell nearby prey and estimate how long it was in the area.
  • A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away.
  • Tigers are so similar to lions that without their coats, their bodies look so similar only experts can tell them apart.
  • When males join a pride, they usually kill other cubs.
  • Lions can go four days without drinking.
  • There is less than 50 000 lions in the world today.
  • The gestation period is about 110 days.
  • A lion can drink for as long as 20 mins after eating
  • A male eats first, even if the female catches the prey
  • Lions rarely eat an entire prey, leaving the rest for other animals such as vultures
  • The average lifespan is 13 years

Tribute to Elsa


Elsa and the other Adamson lions had shown the world that if given love and respect, a lion is capable of a far wider range of behavior than had previously been believed. She and the other lions were capable of a continuing trust, affection and friendship with other animals and humans.

Joy and Elsa


The love combined with respect that George and Joy had shown these animals had brought out qualities that most persons would have said did not exit. But Elsa and the other lions proved that these admirable qualities did exist and that lions have feelings and are individuals. 

Born Free Tribute

Born Free Legacy